School Council

We have both Class Council meetings and School Council meetings to help ensure that our work is effective.

At Class Council meetings, the school council representatives record their class’ ideas ready to take to the next School Council meeting. Discussion involves any concerns the class has and ideas are to help School Council improve our school. Class Council meet every two weeks (alternate to School Council meetings).

At School Council meetings, the class representatives discuss the ideas from Class Council, decide on the most effective ways to change and improve the school and then talk to the people who can help to make it happen. As well as this we work on different projects, share news and information and inform the school on the important things we have achieved. School Council meet every two weeks (alternate to Class Council meetings).

We also have School Council ideas boxes. These are located on the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 corridor. They are available for anyone to pop their ideas on a note and put it in the box. At every School Council meeting the boxes will be emptied, the notes will be read out and the members discuss the ideas to see if there is anything they can do to bring them to life.



President Evan
Vice President Summer
Secretary Macey
Treasurer Kian