Please view the History documents by clicking the links below.

Long Term Plan - History.pdf

Essential Historical Knowledge.pdf

Progression in Skills Document.pdf

History Policy.pdf

You can view the National Curriculum History Programmes of Study for Key Stage 1 and 2 by clicking the link below.

National Curriculum History


A Knowledge Organiser is a go-to document for a topic/unit of work: each one identifies the key information/vocabulary that children need to have learned by the end of a topic. It also acts as a tool to support children in retaining and retrieving knowledge for life-long learning. Please view the History Knowledge Organisers for each year group by clicking the links below.

Year 1 - Guy Fawkes.pdf

Year 1 - Local History.pdf

Year 1 - Toys.pdf


Year 2 - The Story of Moina Michael.pdf

Year 2 - Great Fire of London.pdf

Year 2 - Explorers.pdf


Year 3 - The Stone Age.pdf

Year 3 - The Bronze Age to Iron Age.pdf

Year 3 - The Shang Dynasty.pdf


Year 4 - Coal, Cotton and Canals.pdf

Year 4 - The Anglo Saxons.pdf

Year 4 - The Romans.pdf


Year 5 - The British Empire.pdf

Year 5 - The Vikings.pdf

Year 5 - The Benin Kingdom.pdf


Year 6 - World War 2.pdf

Year 6 - The Suffrage Movement.pdf

Year 6 - Ancient Greece.pdf