Newton Westpark Primary School

 Our Mission

‘Promoting a Culture of Achievement’

Our Vision

To recognise every child as a unique individual. We celebrate and welcome differences within our nurturing school community. The ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and aspirations with a vision to prepare all children for life beyond primary school. We ensure our school is friendly, welcoming, active, and inclusive where children feel safe and part of the school family.

 Our Values

Work, Learn, Care, Share


·         Try our best

·         Work together

·         Show resilience



·         Use kind hands, feet and words

·         Take care of equipment

·         Tell the truth and apologise if wrong


·         Listen carefully to the person speaking

·         Join in with lessons and tasks

·         Help each other learn



·         Share equipment with each other

·         Take turns

·         Play together and include others in our play

Our Aims

  • Create a school where our children are happy, enthusiastic and curious
  • Listen to and engage with families and the community
  • Recognise equality, diversity and opportunity
  • Create a learning environment where children are encouraged to be respectful, responsible and independent and are given the necessary skills to succeed in life;
  • Provide children with life enhancing educational experiences
  • Provide an engaging, creative and innovative curriculum which is aspirational, relevant and challenging ensuring children make planned progress.
  • Have consistently high expectations of behaviour and achievement for all
  • Develop all aspects of British life and culture, celebrating differences, diversity, Core Values and preparing children for life in modern Britain.