Hello from Year 1 Kingfishers and thank you for visiting our section of the school website. 

Our teacher is Mrs Eckersley.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs O'Dwyer-Smith Miss Pownall and Mr Riley .


Mrs Eckersley

All about me

I have worked in Reception at Newton Westpark since Autumn 2018. I am going to be the Year 1 teacher and I am very excited about the move up! I have one little boy. I love walking and the outdoors and we go for long walks every weekend. We often have picnics in the rain! I also love reading, tap dancing and speaking other languages. I really love French!

My favourite book

Pumpkin Soup

What I’d like to learn

I’d love to get better at playing the piano.

Mrs O'Dwyer-Smith

All about me

I have worked at Newton Westpark for 22 years. I have spent a lot of those years working in year 1. I have three children 2 boys and a girl. I enjoy taking my dog Molly for a walk. At the weekend I love to spend time with my two grandchildren. My favourite band is Westlife and I do enjoy singing along to all of their songs.

 My favourite book

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

 What I’d like to learn

I would like to learn how to speak Spanish

Miss Pownall

All about me

I have always loved Newton Westpark since I was a pupil here from Reception to Year 6. I have worked here since October 2019, before that I worked at Newton Westpark Nursery. I love baking, listening to music, socialising with my friends and having family film nights. One of my favourite animated films is The Trolls; Poppy is my favourite character!

 My favourite book

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

 What I’d like to learn

Sign language.  

Mr Riley

All about me

Hi, I’m Mr Riley. I enjoy helping others and watching young people achieve their very best. I love music, drama, creative writing, maths, cycling, and being outdoors. I also love computers and retro gaming. I have two dogs called Poppy and Bo. Poppy is a Labrador and Bo is a Zuchon. I love all kinds of music from classical to euro-dance, and I love to practice the piano in my spare time. I adore passing my knowledge on to others. Music is the amazing universal language that we all share. We should always aim to help one another in the best way we can.

My favourite animal

A sea lion 

What I’d like to learn

I would like to get better at playing the Ukulele.




Please watch the video from Mrs Eckersley below.

Knowsley Safari Park 




Please look at the pictures and video below from our Chinese Dance workshop.

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