Hello from Year 1 Kingfishers and thank you for visiting our section of the school website. 

Our teacher is Mrs Eckersley.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs O'Dwyer-Smith and Mrs Sehorn.

This page will be updated in September with everything you need to know about being in Year 1.

 Thank you for visiting our class page, we are really looking forward to seeing you soon.


As we are not in school at the moment and are unable to meet you, we have written a little bit about ourselves. Please have a look.

Mrs Eckersley

All about me

I have worked in Reception at Newton Westpark since Autumn 2018. I am going to be the Year 1 teacher and I am very excited about the move up! I have one little boy. I love walking and the outdoors and we go for long walks every weekend. We often have picnics in the rain! I also love reading, tap dancing and speaking other languages. I really love French!

My favourite book

Pumpkin Soup

What I’d like to learn

I’d love to get better at playing the piano.

Mrs O'Dwyer-Smith

All about me

I have worked at Newton Westpark for 22 years. I have spent a lot of those years working in year 1. I have three children 2 boys and a girl. I enjoy taking my dog Molly for a walk. At the weekend I love to spend time with my two grandchildren. My favourite band is Westlife and I do enjoy singing along to all of their songs.

 My favourite book

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

 What I’d like to learn

I would like to learn how to speak Spanish

Mrs Sehorn

All about me

I have worked at Newton Westpark since January this year and I have loved every minute. My previous job was a nursery practitioner. I got married in August last year and moved to Leigh so that I could be closer to work. I love my friends and family and I enjoy travelling around the country with them. I also enjoy singing.

My favourite book

The Secret Seven Series by Enid Blyton

What Id like to learn

I'd like to learn to drive and I am starting lessons soon.

Miss Hall

All About Me:

My name is Miss Hall and I will be the new associate teacher in Year 1.  I am very excited to start at Newton Westpark in September.  My favourite activities are painting, going on long walks and spending time with my friends and family.  I also watching lots of Disney films, may favourite is Moana or Mulan.    

My favourite book:

My favourite book is Michael Morpurgo’s Born to run.

What I’d like to learn:

I would like to learn a different language, maybe French or Spanish!

Please watch the videos from Mrs Eckersley and Miss Hall below.