Year 5 visit Crucial Crew

Year Five visited the Life Centre in Wigan to participate in ‘Crucial Crew 2016.Throughout the morning, the children participated in 6 sessions which covered topics including road safety, crossing roads safely, basic first aid, recycling, stranger danger and healthy lifestyles. The sessions were ran by representatives from the NHS, Wigan Council and GM Police. The children had lots of fun and learnt some valuable new facts and skills.

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World of Work

This week has been our ‘World of Work’ week. All classes have spent the week learning about aspects of a different career. Reception have been learning about the fire service, Year 1 have looked at the different jobs in a garden centre, Year 2 have been learning more about the job of a pilot, Year 3 have been looking at restaurants (and even visited Nando’s), Year 4 have been learning about the different jobs in a doctor’s surgery (they were  visited by a real doctor), Year 5 have been learning about travel agents and Year 6 have been looking at different military careers.

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Key Stage 2 took part in the Leigh School Games

On Tuesday, children from Key Stage 2 took part in the Leigh School Games. Our Year 6 rugby team participated in a contact rugby tournament and teams from Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 took part in quad kids, an athletics event. Our rugby team won the tournament, our Year 5/6 athletics team came second and we won awards for passion and teamwork. We had lots of fun and really enjoyed our day!

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Year 4 Enrichment – World of Work – Medical Professionals

Year 4 have spent time looking at all aspects of the medical profession and the different types of roles available. We were lucky to have 2 visitors this week, a GP Doctor and a Support Nurse. The children learned all about the equipment Doctor’s use to check on the health of their patients. The Nurse demonstrated to the children how to clean and dress a wound, and how important it is for all equipment to be sterile. The children in Year 4 really enjoyed their time spent with our special guests and now have a much better idea of what a career in the ‘caring profession’ is all about.

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Enrichment Week – Summer 2016 – Year 3 went on a trip to Nando’s

During our ‘World of Work’ enrichment week, Year 3 went on a trip to Nando’s. We had a tour around the restaurant to find out all about the jobs there. All of the children learned lots and had a great time. I think they would all love to a job there in the future after discovering that the staff get free food each shift!

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