Art Enrichment Week

This week has been our art enrichment week. Each class has been learning about an artist and recreating art in their style.

Robins – Andy Goldsworthy

Year 1 – Georgia O’Keefe

Year 2 – L S Lowry

Year 3 – Kandinski

Year 4 – Monet

Year 5 – Picasso

Year 6 – Andy Warhol

We turned our school hall into a gallery on Friday where we showcased everyone’s work. We have had a fantastic week!

A fantastic January in Year 5

Year 5 have been busy learning about the different Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Turkey and Egypt. We have compared them to th UK looking at the different temperatures, rainfall and land use. 

We have written non fiction reports and then looked at the holiday destinations. Later, we wrote persuasive adverts using alliteration, similes and metaphors.

We have investigated the different life cycles of plants and animals in science. We made detailed drawings of flowers and then dissected them to identified the different parts and the roles they played.

We are loving learning cricket with coaches from Lancashire CC and we are deepening our understanding of fractions. We also took part in our fantastic assembly in which we learnt to moonwalk!

Can’t wait for February!

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January in Year 1

We have had a very busy month in Kingfishers. We are working very hard on our phonics and writing in Literacy. This term we have been writing a travel journal on Safari using The Lion King as our writing stimulus. In Maths we have been working hard on addition and subtraction. We have started our new Weather topic and in Art we made our own hot and cold collages using different materials. These are proudly on display in our classroom. Some children are enjoying their after school board games club with Mrs Coupe where they are learning new skills and we have all been learning about Chinese New Year for our class assembly next week. We hope you can make it. Finally, we all had fun in the snow too. What a busy month!

January in Year 3 

We have had a great start to the new term in Year 3! The children have been very busy starting new topics.  In Maths, we have been doing lots of work on multiplication and division , the children are working really hard learning their times tables. In Literacy, we have been writing our own disaster story and this week the children have been writing poems about Volcanoes. Our topic this term is ‘What makes the Earth angry?’ The children are enjoying learning about Volcanoes . In Sceince, we have been looking at rocks and fossils. 

January in Year 6

We have had a great few weeks in year 6 and have already got lots done this year. In science, we have been learning about electricity and we have experimented with creating circuits. We have been learning to play the ukulele in music, we’ve been learning about decisions in the life caravan and we even got to play out in the snow and build snowmen! Please have a look at our pictures below.

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January in Year 4

This month has been very busy in Year 4. We have started our let’s sing project and are busy leaking lots of songs for our concert in March. In Maths we have been looking at fractions and have used smarties to help us understand fractions of amounts. Our topic his term is general Geography and we have learned about famous landmarks around the British Isles, the bodies of water surrounding us and also rivers in the United Kingdom. In Literacy we have been reading The Iron MAn by Ted Hughes and using some of his techniques to write our own stories. Please look at our pictures below.

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A Fantastic Start to the Year!

Owls have made a wonderful start to the new year. They have begun new topics such as animals in science and Lowry in art and topic. They are particularly excited for their upcoming Lowry trip. Their literacy and maths is improving all the time as well. Well done Owls and keep up the hard work! Please have a look at our pictures below.

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