January in Year 6

We have had a great few weeks in year 6 and have already got lots done this year. In science, we have been learning about electricity and we have experimented with creating circuits. We have been learning to play the ukulele in music, we’ve been learning about decisions in the life caravan and we even got to play out in the snow and build snowmen! Please have a look at our pictures below.

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Exercise Experiment

In year 6, we have been learning about how exercise affects our concentration and how we learn. We have been carrying out an experiment in science to investigate this. Before carrying out the experiment, we monitored our heart rate and noted down the score we achieved on times table rockstars. Last week, we sat for 15 minutes and then monitored heart rate and scores afterwards. This week, we walked for 15 minutes and next week we will run for 15 minutes. We are excited to find out how each activity affects our concentration.

Our First Week in Year 6

We have made such a good start to the school year! We have already learned lots and we are doing great with our extra responsibilities and being good role models for the other children.

In science, we learned about how we see things. We then modeled this to the class to show our understanding. Please see our pictures below.

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Ilam Hall

Year 6 had such a fantastic time on this year’s residential to Ilam Hall. We did lots of activities including orienteering, making rockets, a guided walk to Dovedale stepping stones, team building activities, a minibeast hunt and habitat building. All of the children were so well behaved and we really enjoyed it. Please have a look at our pictures below.

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The Evolution of Biscuits

As an introduction to our new topic on evolution and inheritance, we looked at the evolution of biscuits. Each pair had 6 biscuits and we had to put them in order of when we thought they were invented based on how they changed each time e.g. flavour, colour , layers and texture. We then related this to the theory of evolution and how other species have changed over time.

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Year 6 – Science Day – Cold Climates

Year 6 had a fantastic science day! We chose to learn more about cold climates. First of all, we carried out an experiment to investigate which material would cause ice to melt faster – paper, plastic or metal. We put each ice cube on the material and observed what happened. Lots of us predicted that the ice cube on the plastic board would melt faster as it felt warmer than the metal pan; however we were wrong. The ice cube on the metal pan melted within a minute. This is because metal is a conductor of heat.

We then looked at how different animals adapt to their cold climates and presented our findings back to the class. Please have a look at our pictures below.

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My Name is not Refugee – Year 6

For our enrichment week this term, we have been doing lots of work based around the book My Name is not Refugee by Kate Milner. We have learned about the different push and pull factors that make someone want to or have to leave their country and we looked at the negative and positive emotions a person would feel when leaving their home in search for a better life. In the book, the little boy has to pack just some of his belongings into a back bac; we looked at what we would take and why. Please have a look at some of our work below.

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