Year 5 World of Work Week – Emergency Services

Year 5 have turned their classroom into the Emergency Services this week. They have learned all about police officers, paramedics, firefighters and coast guards. We were very lucky to have visits off the police and paramedics but unfortunately the fire service couldn’t make an appearance as they are very busy at the moment! We have learned lots of important things about how to react in emergencies, including how to put an unconcious person in the recovery position. Take a look!

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Crime Scene Investigation in Year 5

Today year 5 were shocked to find a crime scene on the playground. We worked hard to find all of the evidence to work out which suspect attacked Miss Cliff in order to take charge of the KS2 Performance! We even had a visit from the police to support us in our investigation. Our year 5 CSI team have worked very hard to narrow it down to one prime suspect. We analysed finger prints, measured footprints, interviewed suspects and searched the area of the crime scene for crucial evidence. Who do you think it is?

Take a look at the photos…

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Mayan Warrior Visits Year 5

Today, year 5 were very lucky to have a Mayan Warrior join them for the day. We have learned lots of interesting facts about the Mayans and their lifestyle. We learned about their costumes, Gods, death rituals, football games, food and we even had a Mayan maths lesson. All of the children had the opportunity to handle aretfacts and role play Mayan scenes involving the games and death rituals. We have thoroughly enjoyed the day! Take a look at our photos!

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Year 5’s First Week at The Nowhere Emporium📚

Year 5 have really enjoyed their first week of writing about The Nowhere Emporium. So far we have used many techniques such as repetition for effect, alliteration, similes and we’ve also added parenthesis. Today we joined all of our writing together. We also had the chance to read other people’s writing so that we could celebrate each others’ hard work.

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An Aroma of a Hundred Scents

Year 5 have been smelling lots of different items to gather a bank of vocabulary for the hundreds of smells that come from the open door of The Nowhere Emporium.

Ruby wrote ‘the fragrance of warm cherry and fresh apple; the aroma of toasted marshmallow and burning firewood; the subtle scent of of sour lemons and lime.’

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Year 5 – ‘My Name is Not Refugee’

This week, all of our learning has been around the book ‘My Name is Not Refugee’. We have learned all about the push and pull factors that refugees face and how we would feel in their position. We packed up our things and walked around the playground to our new country. When we arrived in our new class, we listened to a story in a different language and it made us feel really anxious and alone. We also discussed values and how you can take your values anywhere in the world. Some of our favourite values were equality, world at peace and health.

It has also been World Book Day this week. Have a look at our class photo.

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