January in Year 4

This month has been very busy in Year 4. We have started our let’s sing project and are busy leaking lots of songs for our concert in March. In Maths we have been looking at fractions and have used smarties to help us understand fractions of amounts. Our topic his term is general Geography and we have learned about famous landmarks around the British Isles, the bodies of water surrounding us and also rivers in the United Kingdom. In Literacy we have been reading The Iron MAn by Ted Hughes and using some of his techniques to write our own stories. Please look at our pictures below.

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Astro Nappy!

This week has been Science week and year 4 had to investigate the best material to make a nappy for an astronaut. Astronauts can sometimes be on a spacewalk out of the rocket for up to 8 hours so it is important they have a good nappy which will stop any leaks.

We discussed ideas and decided to test baby wipes, kitchen roll, sponge, cotton wool, felt and wadding.

our results showed that cotton wool and baby wipes held the most water. We decided to combine these two materials to create a super dry nappy.

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Fairy and Goblin village

Year 4 have been reading Spiderwick chronicles this term and from this we decided to make our own magical village. At home children were asked to create their own fairy or goblin home and to bring this is. We have designed our own creatures to live inside and wrote house descriptions. Please come to our assembly on Wednesday to see the village on display.

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Year 4 Science day

We have spent the whole day today doing Science! We began the day by setting up our experiment looking at how different liquids affect teeth. We placed hard boiled eggs in plastic cups and submerged them with different liquids. We used coke, Diet Coke, water, sparkling water, orange juice, vinegar, black currant cordial and lucozade. We will leave the eggs for 24 hours and then observe any changes.

Next we looked at the digestive system. We worked in groups to try and draw the system and label it. Then we created poo! This helped us understand what happens to the food we eat and what the digestive process is.

After that we used a disclosing tablet to identify where plaque gathers on our teeth. We had fun trying to scrub it off and had purple tongues for the whole afternoon.

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Year 4 Drumming

This term in Year 4 we have been learning how to play a variety of instruments including surdos, tambourines and agogo bells. We have been playing a kind of music called samba reggae which is from Brazil and is also played in Jamaica. We had a lot of fun and performed this afternoon for the school. We can’t wait to see what instrument we get next term ☺️

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