September in Year 3

We have had a great start to the new school year in Year 3. Everyone has settled back into school really well and are working very hard. In Maths, we have been looking at place value, recognising the value of digits and we have now started work on addition and subtraction. In Literacy, we have been writing our own version of the True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. In Science, we have been investigating magnets and looking at which materials in our classroom are magnetic. In History, we’ve been looking at the Stone Age and comparing how their lives were different to ours. The children are thoroughly enjoying swimming on Friday afternoon and they are all trying their best. Please see our pictures below.

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May in Year 3 

We had a very busy May in Year 3, the children worked extremely hard. In Literacy, we wrote balanced arguments and the children argued whether or not school uniform should be banned. In Maths, we found rigth angles, obtuse angles and acute angles in shapes as well as fining horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry. In Science, our topic was light we discussed a range of different light sources and explained how shadows are formed. 

Enrichment Week Remembrance

This week we have been learning all about Remembrance, the children have completed lots of different activities related to this topic. They have all made a poppy using PVA glue and red paint, researched all about Remembrance and created a mind map with lots of different facts. The children did a sunset painting using water colours and then used a template to create a silhouette. It has been a fantastic week. Please look at our pictures below. Enrichment Week Enrichment Week Enrichment Week Enrichment Week Enrichment Week Enrichment Week

Y3 World of Work Week

Year 3 have been learning about the different jobs inside a hospital. We invited a Sister to come down and talk to the class about her experiences and what she liked to do. We were amazed at the things she did and at how many people she helped in a day.

It was also the 70th birthday of the NHS. We designed our own special birthday cards to take to the hospital.

We then turned our classroom into a hospital and we really enjoyed our bandaging station. At the end we could name 22 different jobs that you would find in a hospital.

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Year 3 Cave Paintings

As part of our Stone Age Topic, year 3 have been creating their own Stone Age Art. We looked at the fantastic cave paintings from around the world. We practised them in our sketchbooks. We then created our own caves by turning our tables upside down or by crawling under them. We found it really difficult to draw upside down but they all enjoyed it.

We have had great success with fractions this week and our writing is improving all the time. Our narrative ‘The Fossil’ should be finished next week. We hope you can come to assembly next week to see more of what we have been doing.

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Year 3 Rocks and the Stone Age

We have been identifying and sorting rocks all week. We have found out that there are 3 types: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. We have tested their properties and have have found rocks that are porous (allows water to pass through) and even found rocks that float. We have sketched them and written about them in our descriptive writing. We will be writing about fossils next.

We enjoyed our Stone Age Workshop and found out lots of things about how people lived. We looked at artefacts, foods and clothing. We are looking forward to investigating and writing our own stories.

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