September in Year 2

We have had a very busy but fun start to the year. We have created numbers using concrete resources, looked at place value of numbers and completed maths investigations. In literacy we have been pirates and experienced life at sea drinking ginger beer and eating dry crackers, we also made a sea shanty to sing a long to. In science we have been looking at habitats and hunting for bugs in our environment. Soon we are going to create our own habitat in a shoe box.
In History we have been looking at significant people in History and in particular Guy Fawkes. For PSHE we have been designing our ideal classroom and in PE we have been developing basic skills. Please have a look at the photos below of our September fun.

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A Fantastic Start to the Year!

Owls have made a wonderful start to the new year. They have begun new topics such as animals in science and Lowry in art and topic. They are particularly excited for their upcoming Lowry trip. Their literacy and maths is improving all the time as well. Well done Owls and keep up the hard work! Please have a look at our pictures below.

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The Building Boy

Owls have been inspired by our class story The Building Boy this week. They have worked very hard on their writing and have used synonyms to improve their work. In art they have learnt about Lowry and experimented with creating their own matchstick figures. During science the Owls have been learning about animals including humans and found out about what they need to survive. We discussed the difference between something you need vs something you want.

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