Mindfulness in Year 5

This week year 5 had their first session with Paws B which is a company that teaches children about their brain and mind. We have started to learn the names for parts of the brain and how our mind works. We have been using meditation to help us focus our minds on specific tasks without becoming distracted. This has been difficult for some of us, including Miss Hesford. Read more to find out what else we have learned this week and to look at our pictures!  Continue reading “Mindfulness in Year 5”

Keepmoat Homes Visit KS2

This week, builders from Keepmoat Homes came to teach KS2 about building site safety. We learned about how dangerous building sites can be and why we should never play on them. We also learned about the equipment and safety gear that builders use and wear to stay safe when working. Some of our year 6 children had the opportunity to try some of the equipment on. Have a look at the photos!

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Year 5’s Week

As you may know, this week has been anti-bullying week. Each class has focused on a specific theme around bullying and year 5 focused on cyber-bullying. We had some really good ideas about how to prevent bullying online and we were very interested to find out more about Prince William’s new cyber-bullying campaign: Stop, Speak, Support. We created our own iPhone-styled posters to promote preventing cyber-bullying.

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