Exercise Experiment

In year 6, we have been learning about how exercise affects our concentration and how we learn. We have been carrying out an experiment in science to investigate this. Before carrying out the experiment, we monitored our heart rate and noted down the score we achieved on times table rockstars. Last week, we sat for 15 minutes and then monitored heart rate and scores afterwards. This week, we walked for 15 minutes and next week we will run for 15 minutes. We are excited to find out how each activity affects our concentration.

Enrichment Week Remembrance

This week we have been learning all about Remembrance, the children have completed lots of different activities related to this topic. They have all made a poppy using PVA glue and red paint, researched all about Remembrance and created a mind map with lots of different facts. The children did a sunset painting using water colours and then used a template to create a silhouette. It has been a fantastic week. Please look at our pictures below. Enrichment Week Enrichment Week Enrichment Week Enrichment Week Enrichment Week Enrichment Week

In the trenches

This week as part of Remembrance week we have been looking at the First World War. We turned our classroom into a battlefield with trenches. We learned about what soldiers did all day and even had a go at fighting the enemy. We are going to use this experience to produce some diaries later this week. Have a look at what we did below.


Woodlice habitats!

This week we have been investigating which habitat a woodlice likes the best. We chose four different materials; sand, soil, grass and twigs. We separated the materials and then placed 7 woodlice in to the container. We observed the woodlice for 45 minutes and then recorded which habitat had the most woodlice.

Which habitat do you think the woodlice preferred?

Superstar Owls!

Owls have worked so hard in this first half term so and have settled in brilliantly. They have enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London topic and have done lots of acting and artwork about it. In science, they are learning about different materials and their properties. They have been working hard on addition and subtraction in maths and doing some amazing writing about a dragon during literacy. Please see the pictures below from their first few weeks:  Continue reading “Superstar Owls!”

Year 3 Trip to Bolton Museum

This week in Year 3 we went on our school trip to Bolton Museum. The children stepped back in time to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. We made a human timeline, explored Egyptian artefacts, learnt about Mummification, dressed up as an Egyptian, found the oldest object from Egypt and watched a short movie. We had a fantastic day and enjoyed learning all about Egypt. Please see our pictures below.Year 3 Trip to Bolton Museum Year 3 Trip to Bolton Museum Year 3 Trip to Bolton Museum Year 3 Trip to Bolton Museum Year 3 Trip to Bolton Museum