January in Year 3 

We have had a great start to the new term in Year 3! The children have been very busy starting new topics.  In Maths, we have been doing lots of work on multiplication and division , the children are working really hard learning their times tables. In Literacy, we have been writing our own disaster story and this week the children have been writing poems about Volcanoes. Our topic this term is ‘What makes the Earth angry?’ The children are enjoying learning about Volcanoes . In Sceince, we have been looking at rocks and fossils. 

January in Year 6

We have had a great few weeks in year 6 and have already got lots done this year. In science, we have been learning about electricity and we have experimented with creating circuits. We have been learning to play the ukulele in music, we’ve been learning about decisions in the life caravan and we even got to play out in the snow and build snowmen! Please have a look at our pictures below.

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January in Year 4

This month has been very busy in Year 4. We have started our let’s sing project and are busy leaking lots of songs for our concert in March. In Maths we have been looking at fractions and have used smarties to help us understand fractions of amounts. Our topic his term is general Geography and we have learned about famous landmarks around the British Isles, the bodies of water surrounding us and also rivers in the United Kingdom. In Literacy we have been reading The Iron MAn by Ted Hughes and using some of his techniques to write our own stories. Please look at our pictures below.

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A Fantastic Start to the Year!

Owls have made a wonderful start to the new year. They have begun new topics such as animals in science and Lowry in art and topic. They are particularly excited for their upcoming Lowry trip. Their literacy and maths is improving all the time as well. Well done Owls and keep up the hard work! Please have a look at our pictures below.

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