The Evolution of Biscuits

As an introduction to our new topic on evolution and inheritance, we looked at the evolution of biscuits. Each pair had 6 biscuits and we had to put them in order of when we thought they were invented based on how they changed each time e.g. flavour, colour , layers and texture. We then related this to the theory of evolution and how other species have changed over time.

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Mayan Warrior Visits Year 5

Today, year 5 were very lucky to have a Mayan Warrior join them for the day. We have learned lots of interesting facts about the Mayans and their lifestyle. We learned about their costumes, Gods, death rituals, football games, food and we even had a Mayan maths lesson. All of the children had the opportunity to handle aretfacts and role play Mayan scenes involving the games and death rituals. We have thoroughly enjoyed the day! Take a look at our photos!

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Jamie Acton Visits Newton Westpark with the Challenge Cup







We were thrillled to see Leigh Centurion’s Jamie Acton at our school yesterday. He brought in the Challenge Cup to show us all and answered questions about his upcoming game against the Salford Red Devils this Friday. We all wish him and the mighty Centurions the best of luck.

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