Astro Nappy!

This week has been Science week and year 4 had to investigate the best material to make a nappy for an astronaut. Astronauts can sometimes be on a spacewalk out of the rocket for up to 8 hours so it is important they have a good nappy which will stop any leaks.

We discussed ideas and decided to test baby wipes, kitchen roll, sponge, cotton wool, felt and wadding.

our results showed that cotton wool and baby wipes held the most water. We decided to combine these two materials to create a super dry nappy.

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Year 6 – Science Day – Cold Climates

Year 6 had a fantastic science day! We chose to learn more about cold climates. First of all, we carried out an experiment to investigate which material would cause ice to melt faster – paper, plastic or metal. We put each ice cube on the material and observed what happened. Lots of us predicted that the ice cube on the plastic board would melt faster as it felt warmer than the metal pan; however we were wrong. The ice cube on the metal pan melted within a minute. This is because metal is a conductor of heat.

We then looked at how different animals adapt to their cold climates and presented our findings back to the class. Please have a look at our pictures below.

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Fairy and Goblin village

Year 4 have been reading Spiderwick chronicles this term and from this we decided to make our own magical village. At home children were asked to create their own fairy or goblin home and to bring this is. We have designed our own creatures to live inside and wrote house descriptions. Please come to our assembly on Wednesday to see the village on display.

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Year 5’s First Week at The Nowhere Emporium📚

Year 5 have really enjoyed their first week of writing about The Nowhere Emporium. So far we have used many techniques such as repetition for effect, alliteration, similes and we’ve also added parenthesis. Today we joined all of our writing together. We also had the chance to read other people’s writing so that we could celebrate each others’ hard work.

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An Aroma of a Hundred Scents

Year 5 have been smelling lots of different items to gather a bank of vocabulary for the hundreds of smells that come from the open door of The Nowhere Emporium.

Ruby wrote ‘the fragrance of warm cherry and fresh apple; the aroma of toasted marshmallow and burning firewood; the subtle scent of of sour lemons and lime.’

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Special Schools Consultation

This is an exciting opportunity for you to give your views on how the local authority develops specialist provision for the future.

“We need to make sure that we have the right school provision in the Borough to support the needs of our children and young people and we want to do this with all members of the borough”.

Please use the following link to access the special schools consultation:  Special schools consultation

This consultation is to gather views and ideas and is open from 14th March 2018 to 11th April 2018.