Biscuit making in the Robins

We have had another busy afternoon today making biscuits. We had to measure out the ingredients mix and knead the biscuit dough before we chose the shape we wanted. Once they had been baked we put icing sugar and sprinkles on them. We chose if we wanted to eat them or take them home. They were delicious πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ

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Pancake Day in the Robins πŸ˜€

Robins had a great time tasting pancakes this afternoon. We found out about Shrove Tuesday and Lent, then found out about the traditions of pancake day. We then chose from a choice of toppings of orange, lemon, strawberry sauce and chocolate spread. They definitely got a thumbs up.

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Kensuke’s Kingdom

We are really enjoying reading our new class book – Kensuke’s Kingdom.

This week, we are rewriting part of the story from the point of view of Kensuke (one of the main characters). We focused on using descriptive phrases to describe the island. Here are some examples of our work below –

The echo of clicking crickets filled the desolate island, awakening Kensuke. As he awoke from his sleep, the sun’s glittering rays burst onto his face. He smelt the air; it was fresh and sweet. Kensuke’s fingers brushed against the dew-soaked leaves, feeling the soft texture. The low hum of the insects woke him fully. – By Michaela

As the rays of light broke through the canopy of leaves onto the crisp layers of the island floor, the whole forest awoke. The symphony of the birds calmed Kensuke as he stretched and yawned in the salty air. – By Macey

As Kensuke fluttered open his vivid, green eyes, he gazed at the large, dazzling landscape that stretched out before him. The forest awoke simultaneously, all the animals singing in harmony. This was Kensuke’s home; this was his life. – By James

Robins Friendship Potions.

Following on from our whole school assembly about love and friendships, Robins made their own friendship potions as part of our science activities. We used vinegar, red food colouring, bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid and sequins. We really enjoyed watching what happened when we put everything together .

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Weather forecasts in Kingfishers

This week in Kingfishers we produced our own weather forecasts in pairs. We have learned a lot about the different kinds of weather so far this term. First, we researched our activity by watching different video clips of different weather presenters. We noted the language they used and the visual prompts and symbols. We rehearsed our forecasts first before presenting them to Miss Grimshaw and the rest of Kingfishers. Miss Grimshaw recorded us and also took pictures which you can see below. We had lots of fun pretending to be weather presenters for the afternoon.

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Year 3 Cave Paintings

As part of our Stone Age Topic, year 3 have been creating their own Stone Age Art. We looked at the fantastic cave paintings from around the world. We practised them in our sketchbooks. We then created our own caves by turning our tables upside down or by crawling under them. We found it really difficult to draw upside down but they all enjoyed it.

We have had great success with fractions this week and our writing is improving all the time. Our narrative ‘The Fossil’ should be finished next week. We hope you can come to assembly next week to see more of what we have been doing.

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Year 5’s Week

This week Year 5 have been learning about climate zones and weather patterns as part of our Mediterranean topic. We compared weather patterns in London to Malaga (we’ve decided we’d rather live in Malaga!).

In Literacy, we have written non-chronological reports on wolves to give us a better understanding of the wolf cub character in our book, Wolf Brother. We are really enjoying following Torak on his journey to the Spirit Mountain!

In maths, we have learned all about different types of triangles. We made as many different looking triangles as we could and then classified them into 3 catergories: equilateral, scalene and isoceles. Have a look at the photos!

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