Year 5 at Chester Zoo

Year 5, Miss Hesford, Miss Gill and Miss Birchall had a fantastic time at Chester Zoo (even though Miss Hesford walked too fast!). Our favourite animals were the chimpanzees and the giraffes. Miss Hesford and Cory contemplated bringing a giraffe back to school! Do you think anybody would have noticed? Read more to see our photos!

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The Building Boy

Owls have been inspired by our class story The Building Boy this week. They have worked very hard on their writing and have used synonyms to improve their work. In art they have learnt about Lowry and experimented with creating their own matchstick figures. During science the Owls have been learning about animals including humans and found out about what they need to survive. We discussed the difference between something you need vs something you want.

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The Dinosaur Egg hatches in the RobinsπŸ˜€

This morning the children arrived at school to discover that the dinosaur egg that we had been looking after for the past two weeks had finally hatched. It had happened overnight while there was no one around!!! We found out that the T-Rex had been having fun in our classroom. He had been playing with the train track, knocked over some of our chairs, left lots of footprints and sent us a letter to say thank you for looking after him in his egg. We had lots of fun searching the classroom to see where he had gone. When we read the letter we found out that T-Rex had gone to find his dinosaur family and friends. We all did lots of fantastic writing about the day the Dinosaur Egg hatched in the Robins. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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The Circulatory System

In science, year 6 have been learning about the circulatory system. On Tuesday, we played a group game where we had to memorise the steps in the circulatory process which were displayed around the classroom. The scribe in our group then had to write each step that we had memorised down and we had to order the statements. The first group to do this won.

We had lots of fun whilst learning about what happens every time our heart beats.

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Owls at work…

Year 2 Owls have had a really busy start to the New Year. We’ve been multiplying in Maths, learning spellings, improving our handwriting and much more. In Art we have found out about Lowry and enjoyed singing the Matchstalk Men song.

Harold the giraffe helped us to learn about being healthy and feelings in the Life Education caravan.

Our new book in English is called the Building Boy and it’s helping us with our writing.well done everyone. 😊

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