Exploring Refraction

This week in science, Year 6 have been exploring refraction. We carried out two investigations to explore the effects of refraction.

Light waves travel at a different speed when they go through other transparent materials, such as water or glass. This causes the rays of light to change direction and bend. This is known as refraction. Refraction creates illusions. Because light bends when it travels between air and water or glass, objects seen through these materials look bent or distorted.

Amazing Arrows

In this investigation, when we placed our arrow at a certain distance behind the glass of water, it appeared to point in the opposite direction. The arrow turned because the light travelled from the air, through the glass, through the water, through the back of the glass, and then back through the air, before hitting the arrow.

Incredible Images

When we filled the glass with water, the image seemed to have disappeared. Light rays falling on the image are refracted through the glass, then the water, then back into the air.

Please see our pictures below.

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