Magic Breakfast

The following photo and article were published in Saturday 21st October’s edition of the ‘Wigan Today’ newspaper.


Breakfast is on Amazon with new school scheme

Pupils at a Leigh primary enjoyed a healthy breakfast – thanks to help from multi-national internet giant Amazon. Staff from the company’s Warrington centre have provided funding for Newton Westpark’s Magic Breakfast. The scheme helps provide nutritious meals for youngsters.

Headteacher Vivien Birchall said: “Magic Breakfast provision is having a big impact on our school, with pupils enjoying time each morning to socialise and read before starting their lessons, settled and ready to learn.” Teams from Amazon have also donated cash to similar schemes at schools from across the country.


Another Super Week in Kingfishers!

This week Kingfishers have been exploring poetry. We have been looking at different sounds in different poems and exploring features such as rhyme and repetition. We wrote a verse of our own version of the ‘Sound Collector’.

In Maths, we have been reading and writing numbers to 20 in digits and words. Our phonics segmenting and blending skills have really helped us with the number words.

In Science we finished our body senses with sight. We labelled the different parts of our eye and used a scarf to blindfold us to experience what it would be like without sight. We realised it was very difficult and that you rely on your other senses a lot more.

Kingfishers have worked very hard this Autumn half term and should be very proud of themselves. We hope everybody has a lovely half term!

Holes by Louis Sachar

This half term, Year 6 have been reading a book called Holes by Louis Sachar. We have thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic book and all its cliff hangers. There have been so many moments that have made the children gasp. We have based our literacy work on this book and have wrote diary entries, letters, flashback stories and newspaper reports based on the plot. On Thursday, we finished the book and we watched the film in reward time on Friday.


Some of us wrote short reviews of the book which you can read below.

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Habitat investigators

This week in Science we have been looking at woodlice habitats. We investigated which habitat a woodlice would prefer. We got ten woodlice and we created four different habitats using different materials. We then observed which habitats the woodlice preferred. We found out that the woodlice preferred the stone habitat.

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Exploring Refraction

This week in science, Year 6 have been exploring refraction. We carried out two investigations to explore the effects of refraction.

Light waves travel at a different speed when they go through other transparent materials, such as water or glass. This causes the rays of light to change direction and bend. This is known as refraction. Refraction creates illusions. Because light bends when it travels between air and water or glass, objects seen through these materials look bent or distorted.

Amazing Arrows

In this investigation, when we placed our arrow at a certain distance behind the glass of water, it appeared to point in the opposite direction. The arrow turned because the light travelled from the air, through the glass, through the water, through the back of the glass, and then back through the air, before hitting the arrow.

Incredible Images

When we filled the glass with water, the image seemed to have disappeared. Light rays falling on the image are refracted through the glass, then the water, then back into the air.

Please see our pictures below.

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Another busy week in Kingfishers!

This week we have been reading the story Oliver’s Vegetables in Literacy and have been doing Literacy activities around this story in preparation for our Harvest Assembly next week. We have sequenced the story, wrote a letter in role as Oliver, wrote a description to describe Grandpa’s vegetable garden and wrote a list for Oliver to take to the garden centre to buy all the correct vegetable seeds.

In Maths we have been looking at 2d shapes and learning about symmetry. We have sorted shapes using a VENN diagram and used the outdoor ladybirds and creative area to find and make symmetrical ladybirds and butterflies.

In Science, we went on a listening walk around school to list all the sounds we could hear. This was to help us understand our sense of hearing.

In RE we acted out a baptism service. We had a baby, holy water, a font, parents and godparents. We really enjoyed learning about this special service that happens in church.

In Computing we have learned how to log onto the computer safely, create a picture using 2 Simple Create (some of our pictures were symmetrical too!) and we now know how to save our work. What a busy week! Have a look at some of our pictures below.

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