Mythical Beasts!

This week, in year 6, we have been learning about ancient Greek mythical beasts. We read three myths about three mythical creatures: the Minotaur, Medusa and the Chimera. We then wrote descriptions of these creatures. Please read some of them below.









This blood-curdling creature has a lot of dangerous attributes. It has petrifying power which would cast you into eternal torture, One look at her and you will be turned to stone; this change is irreversible. Where would you find this monster? You’ll find her at the end of the Earth, bringing pain to anyone she comes by. Not many people get to see what she looks like but a few people have. Her skin is green and undeniably ugly. Instead of hair she has startling snakes.

By James


This mad monster urgently needs to be defeated. As she stands watching over the edge of the Earth, her stench-filled snake hair can be smelt over 100 miles away. Her hazardous snake wig watches over her shoulder, guarding her scaly body. This horrendous creature was once astonishingly beautiful. However, since the goddess (Aphrodite) cursed her, this monstrosity has been taking over her heart.

By Macey








This ferocious beast that you are going to witness is the Chimera. It is made up of a red-eyed goat, a fiery mane and a slithering snake tail! You can’t get too close to this beast because of its scorching dragon breath and the fact that the three animals can see from all directions. The Chimera is undefeatable. It has knotted fur, a stench of blood like no other and six beady eyes that can see you from a mile away.

By Khara

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