London’s Burning!

Owls have been  ‘on fire’ this week! They’ve learnt more about the Great Fire of London and written recounts. The children have also made Tudor houses and used drama and role play to help them imagine what it would’ve been like. Some singing for our assembly finished the week! We hope they’ve had as much fun as us!

Mrs Whiting 😊😊

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A Spaceman in our School!

Kingfishers had a special visitor this morning … a spaceman! He told us some interesting facts about Neil Armstrong and the moon. He showed us his spacesuit and even let us all try on his helmet. We fired our own rubber rockets aiming to get the highest target and we used different materials to build our own space stations. Look at some of the pictures below from our exciting morning.

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Reading Enrichment

Every Friday in enrichment we split into groups from year 1 through to year 6 and each fortnight we do a different activity. This year we have a new activity which is reading. We have story time, team up with others and read aloud, listen to performance poetry and think about designing new covers for books. Here we are today enjoying being story tellers.

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Editing Stations in Year 5

Today we have edited our first big write in year 5. We had to visit 5 different stations: subordinate clauses, fronted adverbials, punctuation, spelling and adverbs. At each station, we looked at our partner’s work and helped them correct or improve their writing. This has already helped us become better writers. Have a look at the photos.

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Busy Kingfishers

We have really enjoyed our third week in Kingfishers. We have been reading a story called ‘Man on the moon’ about an astronaut called Bob who looks after the moon. In our Literacy lesson we wrote postcards in role as Bob and sent them back to people on Earth. To help with our fine motor skills, we threaded beads on string and made moon medals for Bob to sell in his moon shop. In the construction area we designed and made our own rockets.

Maths has kept us busy too finding number pairs to 6, 7 and 10. We used Numicon and counting camels to help us. Have a look at some of our pictures below.

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Year 6 Netball/Football Tournament

On Thursday evening, some children from Year 6 participated in a netball and football tournament at Westleigh High School. We showed determination and worked as a team throughout the tournament and had a fantastic time. Our netball team came 4th and our football team came 5th. Well done, Year 6!

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Owls explored Speke Hall

We had a wonderful day at Speke Hall. We learnt about the materials the house was made of, we looked at the clothes people wore and we even learnt a Tudor Dance!

In the afternoon we returned to the present and were ‘amazed in the maze’ and loved the planes tasking off from Liverpool John Lennon airport! 😊😊

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