World of Work Week

This week has been a fantastic opportunity for the children in each class to study a different career and gain experience of the roles and responsibilities within those careers. We have had different visitors all week and on Friday afternoon, each child went to each of the classrooms to get a taste of the different jobs. Some children stayed behind in their own classroom to help the groups with different tasks and gain more work experience. It was a fantastic week and an excellent experience for all children! Please look at each class’ blog.

World of Work Week- Vets

This week, Year 1 have been finding out about vets for World of Work week. There were lots of different activities for the children to choose from including creating their own animals on the laptops and researching animals. They also enjoyed the vets roleplay! Some children chose to do animal art work, while others wrote fact files. Please look at our photographs.

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World of Work Week – Guide Dog Charity

For World of Work week, we turned our year 5 classroom into the guide dog charity. We had a visit from a local man, Alan, and his guide dog, Oliver. Alan told us all about the charity and what guide dogs do. Chris Milow from Wish FM visited us to support us in setting up our own radio station. We are very proud that we have been successful in making our own radio which includes adverts for the guide dogs charity, news and weather, sports team interviews and lots of information about different careers.
Today we have had a cake sale to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind and we are very pleased to announce that we raised over £110! Thank you very much for your generous donations. Fortunately, Alan and Oliver returned to Newton Westpark today and they are overwhelmed by your donations! Well done everybody! Take a look at our photos.

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World of Work Week – Royal Mail

To finalise our Enrichment Week, Year 2 turned our classroom into a Post Office. We had a counter, a weighing parcels station, a design your own stamp station and a station to write your own letter, postcard, parcel labels and we had a postbox to post them.

Year 2 have had a lovely week learning about Royal Mail. We had a lovely visit from the postman and have enjoyed all our learning activities around this industry this week such as writing letters in Literacy, weighing parcels in Maths and making our own postboxes and sketching our own Royal Mail uniform in Art and D&T. Have a look at our pictures below.

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World of Work Week- People who help us

This week during our World of Work week Robins learned all about People who help us. We learned about how The Police, Doctors, Nurses, Firemen, Teachers and many more people help us. During our enrichment activities we designed warrant cards for the police, painted pictures of people who help us, had our fingerprints taken, dressed up as people who help us and the older children loved being back in Robins and playing in the sand and water.

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World of Work Week – Advertising

Year 6 have done lots of work around advertising this week. We have designed websites to advertise our performance of the Wizard of Oz, created magazine adverts, newspapers and even interviews.
This afternoon, when the rest of the school came to our classroom, we showed them our interviews and discussed what made the interviews good advertising. The children then designed their own adverts and tickets for our show. We also looked at how to tell the difference between real and fake news and had a quiz on this.

We’ve learned lots about the world of advertising this week! Click ‘continue reading’ to see our pictures.

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World of Work Week – Chocolatiers

This week in Year 4, as part of World of Work Week, we have been looking at the work of chocolatiers. We visited a chocolate shop, designed our own chocolate bars, lollipops, researched chocolate companies and how chocolate has changed in 100 years and did a science experiment about melting different types of chocolate. On Friday afternoon every child in school got the opportunity to visit our chocolatiers and create their own chocolate biscuit. Everyone had a fantastic time!

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Bruce came to visit!

Kingfishers had a very special visitor for enrichment week!  Miss O’Cleirigh’s horse Bruce came to see them. Miss O’Cleirigh’s friends Jeanette and Emma brought him in a horsebox. They asked brilliant questions to find out about horses and gave him a stroke. . They have loved learning about animals this week and have had so much fun! Continue reading “Bruce came to visit!”