Discovering the Shang Dynasty

Our Literacy topic for this term involves learning about the Shang Dynasty. We have used non-fiction books to research all about the extensive history, culture and customs of this fascinating historical society. Leah Pasquil has really enjoyed this topic and wrote lots of detailed facts in today’s big write. Here is a snippet of what she wrote.

Dragon Bones

The bones that were found had messages to there gods and ancestors. They believe the cracks in the bones were the answers! They write on the bones because they believed they were good luck bones.

Lady Fu Hao

She was the first woman to be a military leader in the Shang Dynsty. She lead 13,000 soilders  into battle. Lady Fu Hao had loads of valuble (delicate) things that they lay in her tomb. Interestingly she had a son and his name is Prince Jie.