The appalling attack at the Manchester Arena on Monday night is currently being treated as a suspected terrorist incident. All our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones or been injured or traumatised. The police, hospitals, Council and emergency services are doing all they can to support them. As a Borough we will remain strong and it is more important than ever that our communities continue to support each other.

 Our school leadership team will continue to ensure the safety of our children and security of our school building, and will remain vigilant at all times. 

 We appreciate these terrible events will be distressing your children and the school community. We will remain open as usual and we appreciate your support in keeping the day as calm and normal as possible for the children. We have access to Counselling and support services should anybody require this.

 As we receive further information from Wigan Council, we will update parents/carers via our website.

Chicks have hatched in Eagles

We have been lucky enough to have some special visitors in Year 4 for the last two weeks. We witnessed 7 chicks hatch from their eggs and welcomed them into the world within our classroom. Their names are: Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Janice.

On Friday, once they were big enough to be handled we all got to hold and pet the chicks, clean out their home and make sure they were fed and watered. We are really excited to watch them grow while we look after them for the rest of the week. Click ‘Continue reading’ to see some pictures.

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Junior Librarians

A huge well done to the children from years 4 and 5 who have qualified to become junior librarians!

In the last few weeks we have visited Leigh Library, held meetings in school and have started to transform Key Stage Two Library. We have learned how to become librarians and run a library, promote books and also host events for other children in school.

We are all very excited.

We are hoping to have the Key Stage Two Library up and running by the beginning of next term.

Well done everybody involved!

Robins Minibeast Adventure

The Robins have been very busy finding out all about Minibeasts. We went for a walk around the school grounds on a Minibeast hunt to see what we could find. We then came back to class and did some observational drawings, paintings, made some play dough Minibeasts and did some lovely artwork. Please have a look at our pictures.

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Performing Greek Myths

At the moment, year 5 have been exploring Greek Myths. So far, we really enjoying hearing about the Greek gods and mythical creatures. This week we have focused on a myth about King Midas. The King comes across a satyr (half man, half horse) in the fields and the satyr grants him one wish. We performed this myth but we each changed the wish to something we would have wished for.

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