Y2 had a Bugtastic time!

Today Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic Creepy Crawly workshop in school which tied in very nicely with our Science topic on Habitats this half term.

We learned lots of interesting facts about 7 creatures in total. There was Scarlett the tarantula, Beryl the stick insect, Ozzy the dragon, Flame the lizard, Rio the snake, Millie the Millipede and Sally the snail. If we wanted to, we could hold these creatures and look at them close up. The lady told us lots of important information about how these animals use their bodies to survive in their natural habitat.

Did you know that a dragon has spikes on its back to protect its skin from getting burned in the hot dessert? Did you know that a lizard can lose its tail to protect itself from a predator? In most cases they will grow a new tail back. Did you know that a snake’s bottom jaw can stretch into two parts to allow it to swallow a rat whole because it has no teeth to chew? Did you know that the tiny hairs on a tarantula are covered in tiny hooks which they dig into human skin? (This was one of the reasons why we weren’t allowed to touch Scarlett the tarantula!) Continue reading “Y2 had a Bugtastic time!”

Lowry Work

In Art his week we have been looking at the different kinds of buildings that Lowry used in his paintings. We noticed that some are tall, some are small and some have more detail than others. We used some of Lowry’s paintings as inspiration to sketch some of our own Lowry city collages. Here is a picture of Rhys’, Macey P’s and Bethany’s city collages. Continue reading “Lowry Work”

Gymnastic stars!

The Robins have really enjoyed doing PE this week. After weeks of practising different aspects of gymnastics, this week we have put everything together. Through exploring a variety of apparatus, the children combined a variety of rolls, jumps, ways of travelling, and used balancing skills to perform gymnastic routines. They also explored ways to use the climbing frame and practised how to use the ceiling ropes. 

Year 3 Rugby Launch Day

Leigh Community Trust delivered free TAG rugby coaching sessions to our Year 3 class. Heather was fantastic with the children, always encouraging and making playing rugby fun.

We were invited to the launch of the Super League and Championship and to take part in a Sky Try rugby festival. We had our photo taken with all the captains of all the Super League and Championship teams as well as stars such as Martin Ridyard, Eloi Pelissier and Sean O’Loughlin. 

We had a fantastic day at the Spots Village, ever one made us feel like we were superstars for the day.

We were asked to write our thoughts about the day to be used hopefully in the match programme for Leigh Centurions first home game against Leeds Rhinos.


I liked walking out with the players.  Getting my book signed by Micky  Higham is very special to me.    My favourite player is Martin Ridyard because he is so fast and so good at tackling.   Thank you so much for my medal, ball and shirt. I had the best day of my life.


I  enjoyed  playing  the  match  and  thank you  for  letting  us  meet  Micky Higham.  He  is my  favourite  player because I’ve met him before and watched him play.  Thank you so much for having us, I had the best day ever!!!


Thank you so much for letting us take part in the tag rugby tournament.  I really enjoyed it and loved meeting all the players, it was such a fantastic day.


I am so glad I got picked to be part of the tag rugby team.  My favourite bit was playing against the other schools. Thank you so much for picking our school, we had a brilliant day.


Thank you for inviting us to play tag rugby yesterday.  I really enjoyed it, I have never met so many famous players before in my life. I am looking forward to watching Leigh next season.


It was brilliant. It was great to see the Leigh players. We practised our French with Eloi Pellissier and then he signed our autograph books. Thanks for the ball , medal and T shirts, I will remember it forever.

The team was Harvey McDonough, Dylan White, Tahlia Rigg-Bailes, Elloise Worthington, Kiera Davis, Evan Rigby and Mason Pemberton.IMG_1429IMG_1433IMG_1435IMG_1442IMG_1451IMG_1456IMG_1460IMG_1461IMG_1471IMG_1474IMG_1478IMG_1483

Year 6’s Week

We are continuing to look at Kensuke’s Kingdom in Year 6 and we are really enjoying it. This week we wrote diary entries from the point of view of Michael on the day he disappeared. We focused on describing the setting and Michael’s feelings. We also created a news report based on Michael’s disappearance – Shannon, Thomas and Callum made excellent news reporters!

The River Thames

In Year 4, we have loved learning all about the River Themas as part of our Rivers module in our Topic! The Themas starts its life as a small trickle of water in the Cotswold District, which is to the west of London. It travels for 210 miles, making it the longest river in England, all the way to London. Passing through some of the most picturesque towns and villages in the whole of England.

We learned that it is the longest river in the whole of England. It has over 45 docks and it is home to a whooping 25 species of fish. Another fantastic fact about the Thames include that it is the only river in Europe that has a national trail running through its entire length.

That was not all we learned about the River Thames! We also learned about the main tourist attractions that run alongside the Thames through the centre of London. These include Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, The London Eye and Tower Bridge. Take a look at our fantastic display, showcasing our fantastic pictures and wonderful writing! Continue reading “The River Thames”