Maths Wizards!

In maths, the children have been working really hard at improving their understanding of number and place value. One of the activities that they loved was when they had to race a car through a tunnel and identify the number that it landed on. They found the matching numicon and said which number was one more and one less than their number. Doing maths actively and with objects is great fun and helps the children learn.

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School Games Mark Presentation

This week Jack M from Year 6 and Casey R from Year 5 went to represent our school at the School Games Awards (the national award that recognises and rewards high quality provision in PE, Healthy Active Lifestyles and School Sport) ceremony at Lowton High School, they had a great time! We achieved the Gold School Games Mark award for our commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport in 2015/16.



Exploring Ice!

This week the Robins have been busy investigating ice. We explored how it’s made from water, freezes and can melt back into water. We carried out an experiment to see where it would melt the fastest. We placed different bowls in different areas: outside, the fridge, the freezer, on Mrs. devine’s desk, and on a radiator. We found that it melted faster on the radiator and froze hard in the freezer freezing onto the bowl.image image image

Kensuke’s Kingdom

In class, Year 6 have been reading a book called Kensuke’s Kingdom. In this book, Michael, who is the main character, and his family go on a year-long sailing trip around the world. We discussed reasons for and against Michael going on this trip. We then wrote a balanced argument based on our discussions. Please read Ben and Luke’s balanced arguments.

Balanced Argument -Ben R

Balanced argument by Luke R


Year 4 discovering Italy

This week in year four we have had a mini enrichment week and have focused on Italy. We enjoyed learning about The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Italian city of Venice. We also looked at Leonardo Da Vinci and produced our own modern version of his famous art The Mona Lisa. On Thursday and Friday we looked at volcanoes in Italy and wrote descriptively about an eruption. We have had a fantastic week and even managed to create a pesto pasta salad with Junior Chef.

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Healthy Chefs!

This week the Robins have taken part in a Junior Chef session. This has involved making their own delicious and healthy fruit crunch bowl. This was inspired and specially designed from reading the story, Handa’s Surprise. It was a fantastic experience for the Robins. They did a great job following the recipe and they were incredibly well behaved.

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