The Angry Earth Year 3

Pupils in year 3 have just finished their exciting topic about volcanoes and earthquakes. We have investigated why volcanoes erupt and where they can be found.  We have also written exciting stories about people being trapped by an eruption. We have used computer simulations to limit the damage from earthquakes and designed our own warning signs.

Their favourite part was when we made our own volcano and added vinegar and baking soda to make it erupt!

img_0119 img_0164img_0107

Sending letters to Santa!

This week the Robins have written a list of the presents they would like to find under their Christmas tree on Christmas morning. They worked really hard using the sounds they have learned to spells their words. Today (Friday), after receiving a face message from Father Christmas telling us where he lives, we wrote his address on our envelopes, then all went for a walk to post our letters in the post box. We even bumped into a postman on the way. We hope Father Christmas gets our letters in time! <|:)imageimageimageimage