Year 6’s Mystery Writing

This week, in literacy, Year 6 have been reading mystery stories. We noticed that the writers of these short mystery stories use techniques (such as short sentences, powerful verbs, ellipsis etc) to create suspense and tension. We then used these techniques ourselves and wrote a paragraph using a picture as our stimulus. Please read some of our paragraphs below and tell us what you think.

The wind howled like a wolf underneath the moon-lit sky. The force of the dead shivered up his spine. Scared. Alone. Lost. Why did he do this? Suddenly, the eerie eyes on the ground stared up at him as if there was something behind him…

(By Luke R and Callum H)


The wind was as still as a statue. Suddenly, he heard a noise… He heard sinister footprints behind him. The twigs cracked like a burning fire. He shivered. Sweat pour.. The man shone his torch so that he could see where he was going. Before his eyes, a shadow flickered past. He froze. The torch went out. He wasn’t alone…

(By John Paul, Lewis, Luke F, Callum B and Dylan)


Perplexed. Alone. Lost. Where was she? The noises guided her to the dilapidated house. The trees were soldiers guarding the house from demons lurking in the shadows below. As she edged closer, the tree’s rotten roots were trying to swallow her into the mud. Snap! There was something behind her – she was trying to figure it out until… Blackness!

(By Ellie)


Running, she felt like she was going to pass out. She breathed heavily trying to take in her surroundings. The trees, that seemed to be reaching out to get her, peered down on her like they were telling her to run. The wind slapped her in the face. Was she dreaming? What was that in the distance? Was there even anything in the distance? Her hands shook. Her heart pounded. There was something behind her….

(By Shannon A)

Fraction Museum

This week in year 4 we have been looking at fractions and on Friday created a fraction museum in the hall. We enjoyed working as a team and even had a manager in each team! We chose fractions and represented them using many different objects and then looked at other groups exhibits, each group also had a challenge for us. Have a look at some of our exhibits below.

image image image image image

Enrichment Week – British and Historical Traditions

This week has been our enrichment week in school. This term’s theme is British and Historical Traditions. Reception looked at St George’s Day, Year 1 looked at the Royal Family, Year 2 learned more about Bonfire Night, Year 3 looked at St Andrews Day and St David’s Day and Year 4 looked at St Patrick’s Day, Year 5 also looked at the Royal Family and Year 6 learned more about Remembrance Day. We created lots of excellent work about the tradition we looked at. We then went into the hall and looked at what the other classes had produced.

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Year 6’s work on Remembrance Day

This week, as part of our enrichment week, Year 6 have been learning about Remembrance Day. We have written poems in literacy, learned about life during the war in history and wrote letters letters from the trenches and in our computing lesson, we created animations with information about Remembrance Day. We also designed and made war medals out of clay.

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Year 2 Trip to Staircase House

Year 2What a fabulous time we have all had today at Staircase House as part of our Great Fire of London topic. We got to dress up as Samuel Pepys, King Charles II, soldiers and maids and recreate the Great Fire of London story through role play. The maids and soldiers took care of Samuel Pepys and the King as the fire spread and we got to explore what Samuel Pepys’ house would have been like all those years ago.

In the afternoon, we made our own fire marks to help save the people and their houses in the fire and we also made our own potion to help to cure the deadly plague at that time.

The children were a pleasure to take and were very well behaved. They represented the school very well. A super day Year 2, well done!

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