Robins-Settling in nicely!

Over the past few weeks the part-time Robins have had a very busy time settling into their Reception classroom. This has really helped them to get ready for starting with us full-time next week. They have loved getting to know one another and the teachers, getting to know our structured routine, and they have really enjoyed spending ‘explore and Learn’ time getting familiar with the variety of activities in our room, both indoors and outside.

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Year 2’s busy week

Year 2 have had a very busy first full week as Owls. In Literacy we have explored the story ‘Silly Billy’ which is about a little boy who cannot sleep because of all his worries. We have talked about some of our own worries and how we could overcome them. In the story, Billy was worried about lots of silly things such as hats, shoes, rain, clouds and birds so we came up with reasons as to why he may be worrying about these. We have written some brilliant descriptive Big Writes about this too! In the end, Billy shared his worries with his worry dolls so we all made our own worry doll with some of our own worries written around them.

In Maths we have explored lots of number problems such as ordering numbers, number bonds and finding in-between numbers. We loved creating human number lines with our number tiles to help us to do this.

We have introduced our Topic and Science lessons with our KWL charts to share what we already know and what we what to find out in our new topics. This term it is The Great Fire of London and in Science we are learning all about human growth.

It has been a great week Owls keep up the hard work!!

Year 4 fun

This week in Year 4 we have had some great lessons including drumming. We will be working with African drums this term and will produce three different songs to perform in our assembly before Christmas. We also have been learning how to play tag rugby with our coach Heather. Heather will come to see us every Tuesday for 4 weeks and teach us the skills to play tag rugby. As well as drumming and tag rugby we have also been learning about similes and poetry and of course reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory as it has been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday! Which Roald Dahl story is your favourite?

Year 6 visit Westleigh High School

On Wednesday morning, Year 6 visited Westleigh High School. Throughout the morning, we got to ask lots of questions about what going to that high school might be like. We also took part in some lessons. First of all, we did an ICT lesson where we used software to create a personalised coat of arms. We then did science where we learned how to light a Bunsen burner safely and we all received our Bunsen burner licence.

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How do we see things?

In science this week, Year 6 have been learning about how we see things. We know that rays of light travel from a light source and hit objects around us. The rays of light reflect, or bounce, off an object, and then travel into our eyes. This reflection of light allows us to see the object. We modelled this in class. We then created an educational programme that could be used to teach other children how we see light.

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The Squashed Tomato Challenge

This week in year 5, we accepted the challenge to solve a problem in Nepal. A farmer in Nepal grows tomatoes on their land, which is at the top of a mountain. The farmer has to take the tomatoes to the bottom of the mountain to sell them at the market. However when he reaches the bottom of the mountain, most of the tomatoes are squashed! We we worked in teams to build a tomato transporter that solves this problem.  Continue reading “The Squashed Tomato Challenge”