Year 6’s week

We have had a very busy week in year 6 this week. In literacy, we have been reading a book called Eye of the Wolf by Daniel Pennac. Part of this book describes the life of a family of wolves who are being hunted for their fur. We wrote diary entries from the point of view of one of the wolves and also re-wrote the story from the perspective of the hunters. Thomas and Nikita were crowned King and Queen writers for their excellent work.

In topic, we have been reading Ancient Greek myths and writing descriptions of the mythical creatures that feature in them. This is Turners’s description – 

“This unpredictable, confusing creature (mostly named the Chimera) is an abomination made up of half goat, half lion and the tail and head of a dragon. This repulsive beast is so barbaric and abhorrent that anyone who has ever faced it has never returned – except the courageous, valiant and muscular Apollo. This sullen monster guards a palace by breathing it’s sizzling fire.”

Do you like it?

A week in Year 3

This week we have been writing non-fiction reports about octopuses. We have found many fascinating facts about them by reading and watching video clips. Did you know that they have 3 hearts? Please ask any of the pupils for information but be prepared as you might be there for a while as they know so much.

We are also securing our 2,5 and 10 times tables and introducing the 3 and 4.

Next week we will be writing about SHARKS so get ready!


Macmillan Coffee Morning

We had our Macmillan coffee morning today in the school hall. Our guests (parents, grandparents and members of the community) had a mouth watering display of cakes to choose from & enjoy with a cup of tea/coffee and a chat. We are delighted to tell you that we raised £268.92 for this very worthwhile charity.

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Super Me!

This week the Robins have been learning all about different emotions and what makes us feel the way we do. To explore our feelings we experimented with different facial expressions in the big mirror. We then painted happy self-portraits that have gone up on display so everyone can see our smiley faces.

Owls’ photobooth

Year 2 have had a brilliant week and as a result our classroom turned into a photobooth during our reward time on Friday afternoon. Miss Grimshaw gave us a clue each day as to what our reward activity will be. Our clues were dressing up, camera, laughing and memories. We certainly had lots of laughs and made lots of memories to celebrate all our hard work this week. Well done Owls! Here are some of our pictures.

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Super Science in Year 4!

This term in year 4 we are looking at habitats and food chains, we have been investigating insects and have been on a minibeast hunt in the school grounds to see what creatures lived here. We then sketched the insects and looked at the features. This week we are investigating which habitat woodlice like best. So far we have chosen carpet, sand, water and soil. Which one do you think a woodlouse would like best and why?