School holiday and events planner for 2016/2017 terms. This page is in a printer friendly format. Print this page (print friendly).


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Autumn Term 2016     Tuesday 6th September
Half-Term Friday 21st October Monday 31st October
Christmas Wednesday 21st December    
Spring Term 2017     Wednesday 4th January
Half-Term Thursday 16th February Monday 27th February
Easter Friday 31st March    
Summer Term 2017     Wednesday 19th April
Bank Holiday Monday 1st May Tuesday 2nd May
Half-Term Thursday 25th May Monday 5th June
Summer Friday 21st July    

Staff Inset days

Monday 5th September, 2016, Friday 17th February, 2017, Tuesday 18th April, 2017 and Friday 26th May, 2017.


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Autumn Term 2017     Tuesday 5th September
Half-Term Friday 20th October Monday 30th October
Christmas Thursday 21st December    
Spring Term 2018     Thursday 4th January
Half-Term Friday 16th February Monday 26th February
Easter Thursday 29th March    
Summer Term 2018     Tuesday 17th April
Bank Holiday Monday 7th May Tuesday 8th May
Half-Term Friday 25th May Monday 4th June
Summer Wednesday 18th July    

Staff Inset days

Monday 4th September 2017, Wednesday 3rd January 2018, Monday 16th April 2018.

We have links with Westleigh High School and regularly distribute their leaflets for them promoting their adult evening classes.

We have links with Westleigh Children's Centre who run Activ - Fest activities throughout the various school holidays. These are subsidised within the Westleigh Cluster enabling our families to access various activities and save some money. Some of the trips have included: Chester Zoo, Blackpool Illuminations, Camelot, Southport beach. Some of the activities include a climbing wall, sports camps, dance classes, archery and various other things.